Linear viscoelasticity of several carbon-black SBRs

The linear viscoelasticity of several carbon-black filled SBRs were characterized by DMA tests on a DMAQ800 dynamic uniaxial tension machine from TA.

Figure 1. Storage modulus and damping factor of several carbon-black filled SBRs measured by uniaxial tension DMA tests.

Materials are made of the same gum and filled with 0, 5, 30, 40, 50 and 60 per of N347 carbon-black. More details on the materials and how we applied micro mechanics modeling to show evidences of a viscoelastic interphase of about 5 nm at the filler-rubber interface.

Experimental data may be downloaded here. Please if you use these data cite the original paper (J. Diani, P. Gilormini, Y. Merckel, F. Vion-Loisel, 2013. Micromechanical modeling of the linear viscoelasticity of carbon-black filled styrene butadiene rubbers: the role of the rubber-filler interphase. Mechanics of Materials, 59, 65-72) and you may mention this page for more sharing.

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